Dear Colleagues:

Olin is committed to acting with integrity—first, last and always. In fact, it’s this commitment that has helped us build long-lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and partners. While we work hard to deliver great products and services, it’s not at the expense of doing what’s right. So let’s take a moment to remind ourselves why we operate the way we do.

The decisions we make every day, at work, at home or away, make us who we are. And that’s true for us as individuals and together as a company. Think of our Code of Conduct as a guide to help us make good decisions at every level— regardless of our position or seniority. Whether we work full-time, part-time, as independent agents, consultants, temporary employees or contractors, the Code applies to us all. So be sure to read the Code in its entirety, and keep it in a place where you can refer to it as often as needed.

If you have questions about our Code, need guidance on a business issue or want to share a concern, we encourage you to talk with your manager or reach out to any of the other resources listed in the Code. We appreciate your questions and concerns because they allow us to improve our processes and become a better company. You should also feel free to contact Olin’s global Help-Line service, which is available by phone or online. The Help-Line can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Thank you for your commitment to representing Olin with the highest standards of integrity. By placing integrity first, last and always, you are helping to ensure the long-term growth and prosperity of our company.


John E. Fischer
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

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