Responsibility in Everything We Do

Olin is strongly committed to excellence in protecting the environment, health, safety and security of our employees and those who live and work around our plants. Olin operations worldwide comply with all local requirements and implement other standards as required to protect the environment, health, safety and security of our operations. We have a commitment to follow the principles of Responsible Care® around the globe.

Our safety, heath and environmental goals are designed to sustain our drive to Zero incidents. Relentlessly and responsibly. We constantly emphasize the importance of monitoring the safety, security and environmental impact of our plants. Through our day-to-day vigilance, Olin strives to be recognized as one of the industry’s best performers.

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Producing Responsible Products

We take great pride in handling our products safely and enabling our customers to do the same. Our product stewardship policy aligns with Olin’s core values and implements the American Chemistry Council’s Product Safety Code. We apply this standard to our chemicals business segments and relevant subsidiaries to ensure that our product safety performance is properly evaluated, continuously improved and ensures that relevant elements are publicly available. Our goal is to meet or exceed guidelines in every instance.

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Global Integrity Applied Locally

We strongly believe in meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. We recognize the impact our company has on our natural resources and are committed to the guiding principles of Responsible Care. This also means striving for a company culture responsible to the ongoing economic goals of our employees and shareholders.

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Globally Recognized for Safety Excellence